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Life Insurance, Annuity, Pensions & Dependent Care Products

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Indexed Universal Life

  • Fixed Annuity

  • Indexed Annuity

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long-Term Care

  • Chronic & Critical Illness

  • Final Expense Policy

  • College Funding Program

  • Pension Plans for Small Business

  • Mortgage Protection Plan

Let Us Help You Find The Right Insurance Products For You....

Whole Life Insurance

We offer competitive whole life insurance plans to protect you and your family. Find the right policy to suit your financial strategy.

  • Permanent Insurance

  • Build Cash Value

  • Flexible Premiums

  • Tax-Free Retirement Income (Loans)

  • Tax-Deferred Growth

  • Tax-Free Death Benefits

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is made affordable on any budget to protect your family up to the amount of the policy.

  • Fixed Premiums

  • Up to 40 Years Term Policy

  • Supplement Other Policies

  • No Cost Accelerated Benefit Rider

Indexed Universal Life

Preserve your assets by receiving a guaranteed minimum rate while taking advantage of a rising market.

  • Based on Market Index

  • Build Cash Value

  • Flexible Premiums

  • Survivorship Life

  • Tax-Free Death Benefit to Your Loved Ones

Fixed Annuity

We can help you customize an index annuity to suit your personal needs.

  • Structured Income while Working

  • Income For Retirement

  • Taxed Deferred Interest

  • Guaranteed Penalty-Free Withdrawal Options

  • Guaranteed Death Benefit

Indexed Annuity

Have the benefits of a traditional annuity with the potential increase of the market index.

  • Guaranteed Minimum Rate

  • Based on Market Index

  • Potentially Tax-Deferred

  • Income For Retirement

  • May Avoid Probate Fees

Disability Insurance

This Insurance product is designed to replace a portion of your gross income on a tax-free basis when you become disabled.

  • Continue to Pay Bills

  • Cover Medical Expenses

  • Maintain a Comfortable Standard of Living

Long-Term Care

Our product can provide benefits in the event of a chronic illness.

  • Protect Your Quality of Life

  • Receive Care in Your Home

Chronic & Critical Illness

Our product can provide benefits in the event of a chronic illness.

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Blindness

  • Invasive Cancer

  • Paralysis

Final Expense Policy

Get peace of mind during a difficult time with a final expense policy.

  • Death Benefits Paid to Cover Funeral Expenses

College Funding Program

This fraternal college assistance program helps fund for higher education.

  • Get Scholarships

  • Obtain Grants

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