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Mortgage Protection Insurance Plan

  • No medical exam

  • You have the ability to obtain your death benefit early in the event of a terminal, critical illness, or chronic illness or chronic injury.

  • A monthly benefit is available to pay off your mortgage during a prolonged disability

  • You can earn interest on your premiums, which can create and extra source of income for emergencies.

  • Receive up to double the amount of the normal benefit in the event of an accidental death.

  • You have the ability to receive the benefit as a lump sum or monthly payments over several years.

  • When your policy expires, you can receive a refund of all your premiums. 

An unexpected death or tragedy can often send families down the road to financial disaster. Without planning ahead and having safety nets in place, bankruptcy and foreclosure could become a reality. Mortgage protection insurance is a safety net that could save your family from ever having to lose their home due to your inability to pay your mortgage.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Offers an Array of Benefits:

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